Vajrayana, in other words Diamond Way, was taught to a very few but gifted students, who had confidence that all beings possess Buddha nature. Those students were able to identify themselves with the Buddha and using this example of Enlightenment they received the methods allowing them to achieve Enlightenment very fast – even within one life time. Vajrayana theory is based upon Mahayana philosophy. It encompasses various views of the emptiness and teachings on Buddha nature, which is inherent to all beings.

Just as sesame oil is originally contained in sesame seeds, Buddha nature, the ability to reach Enlightenment, is there in beings’ minds. In order to extract the oil one has to press the seeds. In order to discover Buddha nature one needs to work with oneself developing and exercising mind.

Buddha said, in a Vajrayana context, that everything that happens is happening in one’s mind, therefore everything depends on mind – the world is the way we see it. According to the Buddha nature theory the true nature of mind is Enlightenment. That is why the Vajrayana practitioner gives a promise and tries to see perfection in everything and learns how to find and express it. Ignoring mistakes (which are anyway empty and illusionary) they turn directly to Buddha nature and awaken its qualities in their perception and activity. A person tries to see the world the way Buddha does and act accordingly to Buddha’s behaviour. The Buddhist, who practices Vajrayana deeply and successfully, is often called a yogi.

A particular quality of Diamond Way is that it allows one to turn any experience into a step on the way towards absolute truth, the intrinsic nature of our mind. This way is free of any dogmas and gives an opportunity to develop all of mind’s qualities without isolation from society.

Diamond Way is based on three pillars. They are the view stating that mind’s nature is totally pure and perfect; meditation transforming theory into direct experience; and action based on the deep view which one obtains through learning and meditation.