Mahamudra is central spiritual theme in Kagyu tradition. Great Seal, the teaching which leads to full Enlightenment by means of meditation on the mind itself.

Here it is said that Mahamudra is the highest teaching about the unity of bliss and emptiness. Mahamudra doctrine consists of the basis, way and fruit. The basis is Buddha nature, inherent to mind, beginningless and present in any being. The way is the application of special means and opening up of this true nature, thanks to which there achieved the fruit – perfect Enlightenment.

‘Great Seal, or Mahamudra, means full awakening of the mind and in a way fixing it with a seal of the enlightenment. The one, who achieves the goal, continuously recognizes unshakable depth of the sea under its waves”, – writes Lama Ole Nydahl in the book “Great Seal”. According to the 3d Karmapa, “the essence of the basis are two truths, free of extreme views about eternal reality and eternal non-existence. Perfect way consists of two accumulations without the chains of mistaken beliefs and denial. Thus the fruit is achieved – two kinds of benefit beyond extremes of conditioned existence and stagnant peace… Purifying basis is the mind itself, its unity of clarity and emptiness. The art of purification is Mahamudra, diamond-like great yogi practice. What needs to be purified are impermanent illusory things. Let us obtain the fruit of purification – perfectly pure State of Truth!»