One establishes most direct and closest contact with the Enlightenment through the meditation on the teacher as Buddha example. They are applied in the Way of Identification and are of great importance to Kagyu transmission lineage, one of the main schools of Tibetan Buddhism. This type of meditation is called Lami Naldjor in Tibetan and Guru-Yoga in Sanskrit. Deep confidence, which is awakened by means of it, allows to include separate aspects of the Way of Skillful Means and The Way of Insight in this way.  

Everyone, able to perceive a human body on the pure level and maintain this view in the process of many-sided communication and interaction, will manage to treat everything like a pure land very fast. There is no quicker way to Enlightenment. By constantly lifting up the level of our everyday view on circumstances, until we naturally experience the perfection of “here and now”, meditations on the teacher awaken non-personal qualities. Buddha taught that this world is the Pure Land already now, and all the beings possess the nature of Enlightenment, and for this reason these methods are the most wonderful thing we can possibly have.