Buddha was neither the god, nor the god’s son, nor the profit. He was a courageous man who like any other person wanted to be happy. He was initially called Siddhartha Gautama. He was born in the royal family between VI and IV centuries AC (various scientists suggest different dating).

Siddhartha had been in search of constant happiness, which would not cease, and had found it. At the age of thirty five he experienced something unchangeable and timeless. He had a direct insight into mind’s nature, infinitely rich and indestructible. Buddha realized that his mind was able to do anything, that it was limitless. Mind can know everything and understand, it is beyond time and space. Mind is not a thing. It’s not composed of chemical elements, mind is not the same as brain. So it’s not possible to touch it, find or examine it by means of any devices. It is also not possible to call any sensual aspect like the soul. Mind is non-personal, i.e. “it doesn’t belong to me or you”, and its essence can not be explained by words. However one can tell about mind describing its qualities.

When Siddhartha experienced mind’s nature, he started being called Buddha Shakyamuni, which means “The Enlightened one from Shakya family”.  Afterwords Buddha had been sharing his experience with many other people during the following forty five years, helping them to reach the same state. Hence he is considered to be an outstanding hero, unique figure in religious history.