“Generosity opens up every situation. The world is full of spontaneous richness, but no matter how good the music is, there is no party if no one dances. If no one shares anything of themselves, nothing meaningful will happen. That is why generosity is so important.”
Lama Ole Nydahl


Using the Buddhist methods offers everyone a practical way to achieve fearlessness, lasting happiness and active compassion. the retreat center will give us all:

  • Finally, a home of our own, and for the next generations to come. A united power-field that grows with every retreat, supports the practice and bless the hole area; inspires and removes obstacles.
  • A place we can design with accordance to our needs.
  • Smarter financially. Instead of paying lots of rents.
  • Comfortable and supportive opportunity for single retreats.
  • Relatively easy to access location, also via public transportation.

How will we make it happen?

With united and joyful effort! We need stable monthly support that we can build on (in all meanings of the word:)
All that is needed to do in order for you to join the circle of honorable pioneers, is to choose a monthly sum you wish to donate, and fill in the details.
You can donate in multiple of 27 ₪ (the number of beads in a small Mala).

So what are we waiting for?
Let’s buy a Suitable place, fill it with our joy and practice for the benefit of all!

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Buddhist center

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List of Sponsors

מרכז תל-אביב  Vitaly & Vicky Fishilevich

מרכז חיפה  Oleg Tulchinskiy

מרכז תל-אביב  Mariya

מרכז תל-אביב  Mila

מרכז אשדוד  Ади



מרכז תל-אביב  AndreyKatia

מרכז בת-ים  Svetlana

מרכז חיפה  Michael Gorodinsky

  Veronika Bonar

  Tomáš Vápeník

  Maria Klainer

  Tara Sleczek

   Anna Komar

  Andreas Pokladek

  Adam Wojciechowski

  Alexander Rozenberg

  Manuel Stenzel

  Tamar Pinhas

  Adam Sorenson

  Boris Zorin

מרכז באר-שבע  Anna Demina

מרכז תל-אביב  Sergey Itkin

מרכז תל-אביב  Idan & Limor Gal

מרכז אשדוד  ליודמילה קמינר

  נח גרינבוים

מרכז תל-אביב  עמוס

מרכז באר-שבע  Lena Tourkevich

מרכז חיפה  Grigoriy

מרכז ירושלים  Ana Shtern

מרכז תל-אביב  Maria Friedman

מרכז ירושלים  טטיאנה

מרכז תל-אביב  קונסטנטין בוזר

מרכז באר-שבע  מוניקה לאופר

מרכז תל-אביב  Andrey and Katya Shilov

מרכז תל-אביב  Lili & Stas

מרכז תל-אביב  סוזנה

מרכז באר-שבע  אנטון

מרכז חיפה  איוונצ'נקו ולדימיר

מרכז באר-שבע  ז'אן

מרכז חיפה  Marina

מרכז חיפה  Valery & Valeria Gumush

מרכז תל-אביב  Sergey Katz & Yula Lazoutin