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Tilopa Naropa Marpa Milarepa Gampopa

Israeli Buddhist Association of the Karma Kagyu Lineage

The Karma Kagyu Association in Israel is a non-profit organization.

The Association was founded in September 2000. Its objective is giving the Israeli community a precious opportunity to meet the Buddhist knowledge and psychological methods for full mind, speech and body development based on 2,550 years practical experience.

The Association organizes meditation groups all over the country and supports their activity. These groups have a democratic structure and function through unpaid, voluntary work on basis of idealism and friendship. The members share the responsibility for guiding meditations, giving explanations and answering questions.

The Association has a President representing it in the official organizations and signing all kinds of paperwork. The Association is officially registered in Beer-Sheva.

The Association organizes courses and classes, some of them with the foreign teachers. Relevant educational material for such courses is published by the Association as well as other books and booklets dedicated to the buddhism. This activity is sponsored by donations. The sales profits are used for further development of the publishing activity.

The primary activity of the Association is to maintain and develop the Diamond Way methods of Tibetan buddhism for wide and lasting benefit to all beings.

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