Lecture program with Mark Pace (Australia), Lama Ole Nydahl’s student. The lectures will take place between the 26.06 – 7.07.18at the Diamond Way Buddhism Centers in Israel.

These lectures are a great way to learn about Buddhism, with the time to go deeper into particular aspects of the Buddha’s teachings and to ask questions. Each lecture will be followed by a guided meditation. The lectures are suitable for beginners as well as for those who are already practicing.

About the teacher:
Mark Pace met his Buddhist teachers Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl in Sydney in 1996.
Together with his friends, he founded the Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in the Australian capital Canberra – his hometown.
Since 2003, he has been teaching around the world at Lama Ole’s request. Mark likes to teach what Buddhism has to offer people with families, jobs and other everyday responsibilities.

Lectures plan:

Be'er ShevaAddress: Tel Hai 6/4Contact: Monika 052-7429327
26.06.18Tu20:00Meditation Methods in Diamond Way Buddhism
27.06.18We20:00Teacher in Diamond Way Buddhism

AshdodAddress: Metsada 21Contact: Chaya 08-6341417
28.06.18Th20:00Meditation Methods in Diamond Way Buddhism

HaifaAddress: HaSharon 10Contact: Valeria 054-6381528
29.06.18Fr19:00Refuge: the meaning of the Sangha
30.06.18Sa15:00Transforming disturbing emotions

Bat YamAddress: Rambam 4/7Contact: Iris 054-5670757
1.07.18Su20:00Refuge - Values in our Life
2.07.18Mo20:00The Four Foundational practices

JerusalemAddress: HaHistadrut 20/7Contact: Anya 054-4766872
03.07.18Tu20:00Meditation Methods in Diamond Way Buddhism
04.07.18We20:00Teacher in Diamond Way Buddhism

Tel AvivAddress: Dov Hoz 8/1Contact: Sergey 054-5927622
05.07.18Th20:00Refuge - Values in our Life
06.07.18Fr20:00Meditation in Buddhism
07.07.18Sa18:00Methods to remove disturbing emotions and obstacles

Lecture price: 30 
      It is recommended to start with the first lecture in either of the cities*