Florinda and Guido Czeija, practicing Buddhists for over 15 years, teach meditation and Buddhism on an honorary basis. Their lecture tours have already taken them across Europe and Russia, to Hongkong and New Zealand.

In their lectures, the two draw on examples from their professional lives as a therapist and consultant. Florinda Czeija, mother of an adult daughter, manages a physical-therapy practice and teaches at the school for visceral therapy, which she founded. Guido Czeija is a physicist, associate of a consulting agency, and works as a trainer and consultant. The two have been married since 2005 and live in Seekirchen, near Salzburg.

Phone Contact Topic Place Time Date
054-5927622 Sergey Buddhist Refuge Tel Aviv Buddhist Center:
Beeri 20 /8
20:00 27.06.16 Mon
Sangha – The friends on the way 20:00 28.06.16 Tue
054-5923532 Genady Buddhism in daily life  Bat yam Buddhist Center:
Rambam 4 st
20:00 29.06.16 Wed
The Buddhist concept of Karma 20:00 30.06.16 Thu
054-8181649 Tal Meditation – Ngendro Beer Sheva Buddhist Center:
Tel Hay 6/4
20:00 01.07.16 Fri
Buddha and Love 15:00 02.07.16 Sat
054-4540853 Vladimir Wisdom and Compassion Ashdod Buddhist Center:
Kineret 29/59
20.00 03.07.16 Sun
054-4766872 Anya Student-Teacher-Relationship in the Diamond Way Jerusalem Buddhist Center:
Ha-Histadrut 20/7
20.00 04.07.16 Mon
Sangha – The friends on the way 20:00 05.07.16 Tue
052-9677239 Regina Student-Teacher-Relationship in the Diamond Way Givat Olga Buddhist Center:
HaTanaim 6
20:00 06.07.16 Wed
054-5670757 Iris Love and Partnership Haifa Buddhist Center:
Hasharon 10
20:00 07.07.16 Thu
 Stupa Meaning – History of Building Stupa in Salzburg 17:00 08.07.16 Fri
Three Levels of Buddhist Practice 16:00 09.07.16 Sat