Lecture program with Masha Chlenova and Sasha Rozenberg (USA), Lama Ole Nydahl’s students. The lectures will take place between the 30.06-12.07.19at the Diamond Way Buddhism Centers in Israel.

Lectures plan:

Tel AvivAddress: Dov Hoz 8/1Contact: Sergey 054-5927622
29.06.1917:00Buddhism in Daily Life
11.07.19Тh20:00The life stories of Karma Kagyu masters and teachers
12.07.19Fr19:00The Meaning of the Sangha

JerusalemAddress: HaHistadrut 20/7Contact: Anya 054-4766872
1.07.19Mo20:00The Four Noble Truths
2.07.19Tu20:00Love and Partnership

HaifaAddress: HaSharon 10Contact: Valeria 054-6381528
4.07.19Th20:00Public Lecture: Buddhism in the modern world
5.07.19Fr20:00Compassion and Wisdom
6.07.19Sa15:00Love and Partnership

EilatAddress: Contact: Monika 052-7429327
8.07.19Mo20:00Buddhism in the West

Be'er ShevaAddress: Tel Hai 6/4Contact: Monika 052-7429327
10.07.19Mo20:00Teacher and Student Relationship

Lecture price: 30 
      It is recommended to start with the first lecture in either of the cities*

About the teachers:
Masha and Sasha met Lama Ole Nydahl in 2001 and have been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism since then. Originally from Russia, they have lived in New York City for over 25 years. Masha teaches art history at New School University and curates exhibitions of modern art at major museums; Sasha, trained as a physicist, was the Chief Risk Officer in a financial company. Their son Marc is in the 5th grade. Masha and Sasha are actively involved in the activity of Diamond Way Buddhist centers and, at the request of Lama Ole, have been sharing their experience and understanding of Buddhism since 2009.