We are happy to invite you to the program with Lama Ole Nydahl in Israel in March 2018.
Lama Ole Nydahl is a meditation master and the first European to be officially recognized by the lamas of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
Lama Ole will give а public lecture in Tel Aviv. In this lecture, Lama Ole will present ways of bringing this ancient wisdom into our daily western lifestyle. He will also answer questions and lead a guided meditation.
For those interested in going deeper into the Diamond Way methods, Lama Ole will teach the “Great Seal” course at the Dead Sea.

20 March 2018 – Public Lecture “Buddhism in Daily Life” / Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 19:30

22-25 March 2018 – The Great Seal Course / Dead Sea

Additional information and registration for the course: http://course2018.buddhism.org.il/info-registeration/

Please note that there is no organized accommodation for the program days before and after the course.
Recommended hostel in Tel-Aviv: Abraham Hostels
Please note, in case you arrive to Airport on Friday late afternoon up to Saturday evening, that there is no public transport at this time.

About Lama Ole Nidahl
Over the last 40 years Lama Ole has established more than 650 centers of the Diamond Way Karma Kagyu tradition across the world. In these centers, his students encounter in a modern and fresh style these ancient teachings and meditate together.
People often think of meditation and Buddhism as ways to relieve stress and to live more calmly. But to a meditation master such as Lama Ole Nydahl, this is only the beginning of what this 2,500 year old science of the mind has to offer.
The Buddhist methods he teaches aim to fearlessly transform daily life by releasing one from “stiff ideas and disturbing emotions.” Once the mind is freed of these self-imposed limits, it naturally expresses itself as powerful joy and compassionate activity for others.